POS Peripherals 

We have a wide range of POS Peripherals:
Customer Displays.
Card Readers.
NFC / RFID Readers.
Fingerprint Readers.


  • POS Customer Displays
    We have POS customer displays, that can be used as standalone or attached to POS terminals.
  • Magnetic Card Readers...
    We have several models of Magnetic Card Readers (MSR), they can be installed standalone or embedded on the POS.
  • NFC & RFID readers
    We have NFC & RFID readers, as well as the identifier tags.
  • Fingerprint readers
    We have several Fingerprint readers.
  • Desktop Pole Solutions
    We have tubular poles to fix POS terminals and peripherals like receipt printers or EFT terminals on the desktop, optimizing the space
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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items